Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Wednesday: Extract 3

Extract 3 is from Work Document:
Although financial markets have shown some degree of stabilization and economic recovery has continued in 2010, the recovery has been fragile and uncertainty about future developments of the market remains.
—Base Prospectus for a €30bn EMTN Programme
This is the third of seven posts in the Extracts series. In the comments section you can, if you want, post extracts from what you have read/heard today.


Abhiroop said...

"No matter how many of us you may kill, you shall never kill your successor."

Senecca to Emperor Nero

Picked up from a blog post on the Rizwanur and Binayak Sen judgements.

The Nine-Tailed Fox said...

"Will Turner: This is either extremely brave, or ridiculously stupid!

Jack Sparrow: Funny how those two often seem to coincide." - A scene from Pirates of Carribean, The Curse of The Black Pearl

Sroyon said...

The comments are getting more dramatic.