Saturday, 12 March 2011

Shibuya, Ginza

Oh. For a second I thought they were real.

These cats, however, were definitely real. Wearing frilly collars, they perched on a street sign while scores of people milled around taking photos. In Tokyo I see more inexplicable things every day than I have seen anywhere else.

Which is why I wander the streets quite a lot. Maybe one day I’ll run into the girl who loves to levitate.


Ravis said...

Idea. Come May and I shall levitate all over Kolkata!

Anonymous said...

What I love most about your blog is it's conventional take on things. Isn't this the perfect update from the city we're watching being washed away on tv?

Not to sound morbid, but I hope the girl who loves to levitate hasn't been washed away.

Anonymous said...

Well, she hasn't. Her blog says she's okay.

The Reluctant Rebel said...

Did you stand under the lampost and go "meeeaaooow, meeeeeaoooow". I would have been tempted to.

Ravis said...

Achchha, do the Japanese people have a special something for cats? Murakami's stories are full of cats. The girl who loves to levitate owns an army of cats, and takes breaks from levitation photographs only to post cat photographs.

beej said...

@Ravis: umm. if that were true, NUJS would have to have a Japanese soul. :P
WV: consou. it should mean something. don't you think?

beej said...

lol. WV is tsupe!
hahaha! i dunno why but it sounds like Japanese soup.
Are you ok? Karthy asks me today, "oh, by the way, did you talk to sroyon? he's in Japan." and i think, "ya i know he's in Japan. So?" and i say, "no. i haven't." and then i tune her out as she says somethings and then i hear "radiation" and i think (and say), "fuck." (ya. fuck with a fullstop at the end of it)
So, i repeat. are you ok? coz i don't want radiations to delete your weirdnesses.

Sroyon said...

@Raktima: Do something original! And about the cat question: Who knows these things?

@Saha: No. Because I am not a nutjob.

@BJ: Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks :) Also, you say "fuck" these days? :O

Anasua said...

good luck with your pursuit for girls, some of them would sure levitate. Hint : Isn't there some sort of space shuttle in Japan?