Thursday, 10 March 2011

Eventful Days

There has seldom been a dull moment since I touched down in Tokyo. On Monday it snowed, taking everyone by surprise. Tuesday was my first day at work in the Tokyo office. Around lunchtime on Wednesday there was an earthquake. This occasioned much less surprise than the snow. And today, on the walls of Tameike-Sannō underground station, I saw what could only be a depiction of – of all things – the Taj Mahal.


Indecision Personified said...

Haha.. So it's safe to presume that it is still winter there? Also, the rest of the poster is about India you know what it says?

Sroyon said...

It wasn't a poster. It was painted(?) on the walls.

The Reluctant Rebel said...

Or maybe its a poster of that monument in Aurungabad.