Monday, 29 October 2018

Street Photography

Last summer my friend Aditi gave me her ticket to a Death Cab for Cutie concert that she couldn't go for.

There are several songs – Belle and Sebastian's Boy with the Arab Strap comes to mind – which I had no special liking for, but which grew on me after I heard them live in concert. So it proved with Death Cab's Your Heart is an Empty Room. Ben Gibbard sang it with a sparser arrangement and more emotion than he does on the studio version (I later dug up another live performance similar to the one I heard), and I found I rather like the chorus: And all you see is where else you could be / When you're at home / Out on the street are so many possibilities / To not be alone.

For whatever reason, it makes me think of a photo I took in Camden Passage in London, almost seven years ago.