Sunday, 29 June 2008


I recently read number9dream by David Mitchell, which introduced me to the word ‘imho’. But you, dear reader, since you peruse blogs’n’all, probably know already that ‘imho’ is leetspeak for ‘In My Humble Opinion’.

The acronym was probably novel around the time the book was written (2001), but today, a google search for imho throws up 30,100,000 hits. It has been around long enough to even spawn a variant: Imnsho (In My Not So Humble Opinion). But in the world according to Sroyon, a phrase only becomes cool when it has fallen hopelessly out of fashion. Dig that?

So in this post, I shall express three humble opinions. Each will give me a chance to use the magic word.

Imho, the scriptwriters of Friends may have come up with many good things, but Stevie the TV is one of their best inventions. When I have my own flat, I shall name the furniture. Abel the table, Claire the chair, Fred the bed, Hubbard the cupboard, Merton the curtain, Midge the fridge.

Imho, the Juno soundtrack is one of the best ever. Kimya Dawson is awesome, and anyone who hasn’t heard me singing, whistling or listening to Piazza, New York Catcher has probably not met me in the last two weeks. What a song! *goes into raptures*

Imho, girls look prettier in ice-cream parlours.

In other news, a leading psychiatrist has claimed that internet addiction should be recognised as a clinical disorder. What’s more, I appear to have all the symptoms. Fortunately, there’s plenty of help available online.

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Anonymous said...

kroswami said...
imho imaho

ad libber said...
ok, umm, "dig that" is not in fashion any more? I was planning to employ that when I magically become cool.

So many abbreviations, so little shelf life :(

Jayantika Ganguly said...
Ice cream parlours...?

Rahul Saha said...
"Imho, girls look prettier in ice-cream parlours."- Too many images come to my head. NO, NO. And...crash!

Shrabasti Banerjee said...
I love the Juno soundtrack too. Tire Swing is adorable. Ice cream parlours?! Lol. I love your blog!!!!! Even though I don't get around to commenting too frequently. Apologies:)

Pratiti said...
imnsho, ur blog's awesome!!

Sroyon said...
@kroswami: Eh? What?

@ad libber: This might help:

@jayantika & saha: Why? Has no one else noticed it or what?

@shrabasti: Yes, yes, Tire Swing. As also All I Want Is You, Loose Lips, Tree Hugger, Anyone Else But You and, of course, Iamavampire. :D

@pratiti: Thankee

Shrabasti Banerjee said...
I am a vampire,hahahaha! It can drive anyone up the wall:D.BTW,what exactly's the utility of this word verification thing?! It's proving to be almost as annoying as Iamavampire,argh:-p

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...
the "in other news" part was especially enlightening. can i join the net addiction brigade?

ps. word verification has given me an impossibly long thing to type: "iftdhdcv"

it had better not have an abbreviation =(

Indecision Personified! said...
imho..... u shud remove WV... seee it's giving so many other ppl problems too...

also, in addition to imho... i learnt another abbreviation... guess what p.b.u.h means.

Sroyon said...
@shrabasti: By dint of singing it constantly in a high pitched voice, I already have driven several of my friends up the wall.

@doubletake: You hardly need my permission. I suspect you're already at the forefront of the movement.

@indecision: I googled it, so now I know. My metier is limited to lol, brb and ttyl.

@shrabasti, doubletake and indecision:
Okay, this is a general defence of the much-maligned Word Verification feature:

1. This is how blogspot explains the utility of WV:
"Automated programs can't 'read' the word you see in the box; only humans can. When you enter this word, it ensures that your results are being displayed to a real person, as opposed to a machine that is collecting information for illegal purposes, and helps to reduce system loads which improves site performance."
Which is hogwash, because it's not like bots are queuing up to leave comments on my blog. So we come to:

2. Imho, people should do at least one completely pointless activity every day. I do my bit by keeping WV on.

3. I go on hoping that one day I'll get some really cool word in WV instead of the usual gibberish.

4. If by any chance you are turning into an automated program which leaves unsolicited messages, you will find yourself unable to pass WV. This will alert you to your fate while you can still do something about it. And you will have me to thank for it.

little boxes said...
All I Want is You,is my's just wow!
and your third opinion somehow reminds me of Chetan apologies :P

Shrabasti Banerjee said...
Lol,thank you for the explanation. And yes,I DO know about your hostel now being distinctly divided into two categories: those who go on singing it day and night and the other half, who are totally fed up with them:D

humptydumpty said...
Imho soreyan's blog is by far the most popular...and i know he's smiling away even as he reads this...

Indecision Personified! said...
gee thanks! i'd really like to know when I turn into a machine!

oof... ALL your reasons are gibberish! all you want to do is make simple hardworking ppl suffer!! :P... btw will you pls check and let me know if WV appears on my blog too.

new age scheherazade said...
You like Friends, Juno, Belle and Sebastian AND Wodehouse? you're going on my blogroll. if you don't object, that is.
oh, this blog is also very funny. And i shall endeavour to be seen in ice-cream parlours henceforth. Thanks for the male POV tip.

Sroyon said...
@little boxes: Chetan Bhagat? Really? How?

@shrabasti: If this goes on, very soon there will be two different categories: the avenged and the violently murdered.

@humptydumpty: I see you have me figured out.

@indecision: "all you want to do is make simple hardworking ppl suffer"
Now how did I ever forget to mention that? And yes, WV's still on on your blog. What a cheap way to get a comment!

@scheherazade: I like Friends, Juno, Belle and Sebastian, Wodehouse AND your blog, so I shall be deeply honoured to be on your blogroll.
And before you start camping out in ice-cream parlours and catch your death of cold, I suggest you check with other people for their opinion. As you'll see from the comments to this post, not everyone seems to agree with me...