Friday, 13 June 2008


All throughout our internships we were pining to get back to college. Then college started, and not even a week had passed before we were all complaining of boredom. It was on a particularly idle afternoon, when we were discussing ways to liven things up, that the idea of the NPL was born. I reproduce below the Sports Committee notice that started it all.

The NUJS Premier League
An intra-college zonal T12 cricket tournament

This notice is to provide you with our official answers to the frequently asked questions on NPL. It’s the shorter version of the game, so we’ve kept the answers short.

Q1: So what is the NPL all about?
A: Controversy. A gripping auction of players. Scandal. A spicy weekly newsletter detailing events, real and fictitious. A lot of fun.
Q2: What? No cricket?
A: Oh, yeah. There will also be some cricket. But we shall endeavour to preserve IPL tradition and ensure that the cricket is all but forgotten in the glare of the attendant hype and controversy.
Q3: What’s the format like?
A: Twelve overs. Five teams on a zonal basis. Each team shall have five players from its respective zone, and eight players picked through auction. Detailed rules will be issued by the SportsCom tonight. Watch this space.
Q4: Is any money involved?
A: No real currency is involved in the auction process. Teams will have to pay a nominal entry fee which shall be utilised towards field booking and prize money.
Q5: Cheerleaders?
A: Honest answer: Alas, no. *wistful sigh* Official answer: Most certainly not. We in the SportsCom are strongly opposed to the vulgar objectification of women.
Q6: Won’t the NPL promote divisiveness?
A: The SportsCom emphatically condemns any form of regional divisiveness. We urge players to participate in a spirit of sportsmanship and maturity, purely for the love of the game.

For further information, contact Bunty, Davis, Kisku, Sarbajeet or Sroyon.

Now the only necessary expenditure for a team is the entry fee of Rs. 2,500. As of today, three days before the tournament begins, the West Zone team has raised Rs. 20,000. The money comes almost entirely from students wanting to be identified as owners of the team. Other teams are not far behind.

The maximum prize money that a team stands to win is Rs. 4,000. Furthermore, the teams each have more than ten ‘owners’, and the proceeds (if any) will be split among all the stakeholders. So the investment far exceeds the expected returns and makes no economic sense whatsoever. People evidently have more cash than they know what to do with.

As one of the originators of the NPL idea, I suppose I should be happy at these developments. In fact, I should probably be looking like this:
Excess cash is never bad for any enterprise. But this wanton squandering seems to have something obscene about it. Wasting money seems almost like an impiety, like throwing away bread. Also, the big money has turned the NPL into something I can no longer identify with. It has taken on a life of its own. You can almost see the dollar signs in its eyes. It is unrecognisable from a trifling diversion dreamed up by five friends on a lazy summer afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

little boxes said...
just get a good looking trophy!
the IPL one was hideous to say the least...

Rahul Saha said...
Maybe something I sould have said before you came up with this whole idea (especially since it rained like crazy)- "Think now
History has many cunning passages, contrived corridors
And issues..."

Indecision Personified! said... just want ppl to read the notice you dreamed up... admit it admit it!!!!

P.S: - I agree that money seems to have taken the sheen off the NPL.

Jayantika Ganguly said...
ooh! alert me when the auction begins!

humptydumpty said...
I cant quite agree...from whatever little i saw of the game...I dont think dollar green was anywhere on the seemed like just another game wth people cheering fr their fact on the brighter was never as glamarous as football is on campus...its now getting quite a fair bit if its share only now...

Sroyon said...
@boxes: Trophy? You must be kidding. The teams may be rolling in money, but you have NO idea how cash-strapped the organising committee is. But even no trophy would be better than That hideous thing.

@saha: Showing off, as usual.

@indecision: In fact, if you noticed, I never mentioned in the post that the notice was by me. Now it's you who has let the world know.

@jayantika: It was already over when I wrote the post. Too bad you had to miss it.

@humptydumpty: I'm not saying any on-field negative effects will be visible. The post was just a rant against people who waste good money - money that they haven't even earned themselves, most of the time.

Indecision Personified! said...
hmph! Whatevva... Ok i change my comment to... you knew the authorship would come up in the comments... so you LET IT HAPPEN! and that was even better since now you can claim to be ACTULALLY modest!!!! :-P