Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Of lawlessness

The course structure of our college has undergone a reshuffling this year and a number of new optionals have been introduced. So our discussions these days often run on the lines of What Subjects Do You Have This Semester. My fellow students, when referring to a subject, often omit the word ‘law’. If you, a clueless layman, overhear one of these conversations and find yourself baffled, please remember that:

When a third year says, “I have Property,” he doesn’t mean that he belongs to the landed gentry.

When someone says, “I have Insurance,” the correct response is not to ask, “For what?”

When a fifth year says, “I had Human Rights yesterday,” he does not mean that a totalitarian regime has snatched away his human rights overnight.

When Manavi says, “I have Competition,” she doesn’t mean that some upstart is challenging her vertiginously high class rank.

But the best is yet to come. The third years have Labour Law next semester. What I’m really waiting for is for some girl to message her boyfriend from inside the classroom: Can’t meet you for lunch. I’m in Labour.

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Anonymous said...

Jayantika Ganguly said...
Ha ha ha...yeah, that's actually true! I used that bit about Labour on my Daddy-dearest once!

ayan said...
How about "I am suffering in Insolvency"?

Rahul Saha said...
How about a negative:I don't have gender.

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...
haha, i like your blog more with every post.

btw, i have new url.

Pratiti said...
lol!!! i was going to say something not so nice abt ur blog because i'm getting annoyed i haven't received one of u farts in a long tym, but this made me change my mind!! btw, i still do want the fart!

What's In A Name ? said...
Have been reading your blogs for a while..... but couldn't resist commenting on this one.

Hilarious observation!

new age scheherazade said...
hehe brilliant. In my case it would be, i'm busy in Cyberspace. not much of a surprise there.

raghu said...

Indecision Personified! said...
nice post! very true also! + I get my very own 15 mins of fame! but the best is rahul's comment! :-)

Sroyon said...
@jayantika: Oh boy. Must have come as a shock to him.

@ayan: Good, but Saha's is even better.

@saha: Wish I'd thought of that.

@doubletake: Thanks. Have made the necessary changes to my blogroll.

@pratiti: Patience, kid, patience. One's coming up very soon. In my F.A.R.T.s (unlike in my blogs) I put quality over quantity.

@what's in a name: Thankee! As it happens, I myself didn't find this post all that funny. In fact, I was deliberating for a long time whether to publish this post, because it seemed a bit lame. However it seems other people found it funny (or said they did).

@sceherazade: Cyberspace? I thought you wanted to be a physicist?

@raghu: Now what can I possibly reply to that?

@manavi: I agree about Saha's comment. It seems Saha gets more compliments on my blog than on his.

new age scheherazade said...
yes, but I tried to meld law and physics into a course, i.e. a comment in that style and couldn't come up with one. (except Newton's Laws and so on :) )
maybe you would oblige?
*hopeful look*

the boy said...
good writing sir.