Friday, 8 January 2021

Sunbird and Crows

I once posted a photo of a sunbird through the patterned glass of our windowpanes. If you were hankering for a clearer view, you're about to get your wish… six years later. It's unlikely that this is the same bird, though; this one flew into our verandah recently.

But I do like our patterned windowpanes, and views of birds therethrough (I had to check if this is a word; not that I would have refrained from using it if it weren't). So here is one of crows outside our kitchen window.

The first photo was taken with a full-frame DSLR; the second with my Google Pixel 2. It's a mid-range phone, and outdated – at least by smartphone standards. But it takes excellent pictures, and of course, it's almost always with me. In the last couple of years, I've taken some phone pics which I'm quite pleased with.


Shrabastee said...

Pixel ftw! I spent a very sad couple of years with Moto G after Pixel 2, upgraded to Pixel 4a last year thank goodness :P The photos are great, I wish my apartments had a verandah and more windows :(

Sroyon said...

Moto G was my first smartphone, 2014! It was a good phone in many ways but the camera was no good :( Then I borrowed my friend's Nexus 5x and realized the value of an excellent camera, and also that phones with excellent cameras exist at reasonable (significantly sub-iPhone) prices. I'm happy with the Pixel!