Saturday, 17 October 2020

Independent People

I like having few material possessions, so the vast majority of books I've read in the last ten years have been either ebooks, or paper books borrowed from libraries. Once in a while, I like a book so much that I buy a copy for keeps.

One such book was Independent People, a novel by Halldór Laxness. I got it from a library eight years ago and immediately bought a copy. But I haven't re-read it; perhaps I never will.

Sansho the Bailiff is a 1954 Japanese film directed by Kenji Mizoguchi. In a New Yorker article, film critic Anthony Lane wrote:

I have seen "Sansho" only once, a decade ago, emerging from the cinema a broken man but calm in my conviction that I had never seen anything better; I have not dared watch it again, reluctant to ruin the spell, but also because the human heart was not designed to weather such an ordeal.

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Anonymous said...

I first read Independent People over four years ago, and was shook to my core. I've occasionally revisited it; sometimes reading my favourite parts, sometimes the whole thing. I've always found great solace in these re-reads, and perhaps you might too.