Monday, 15 October 2012

A Brief Discussion on Love

This Sunday’s cycling trip took us to Victoria Park, where gathering clouds created a dramatic backdrop to the autumn foliage.

The building on the right is the park café, where we stopped for a bite to eat. Everyone else was feeling cold, so I was drawing a considerable amount of criticism for taking my time over my sandwich, coffee and carrot cake. I thought they were overreacting (it wasn’t that cold), and to substantiate this I pointed to a couple who were boating on the lake in their shorts.

Saha: My god, how are they wearing shorts? It’s freezing!
Natalie: But it’s different with them. They are in lurve!
Saha: That doesn’t help! Have you not watched Titanic?


The Reluctant Rebel said...

"I thought they were overreacting (it wasn’t that cold)"

- This from a man who thought that Purulia was the Arctic.

Sroyon said...

As I keep saying, I dislike cold water. Cold weather on land I can handle.