Monday, 23 July 2018

Cabbage White

Our rocket plant has been looking a little poorly of late. I had assumed it was just feeling the heat, though I have been watering it diligently. Today, on closer inspection, I realised it is playing reluctant host to a small army of cabbage white caterpillars, the so-called "bane of allotment holders all over the British Isles".

I let them be, in the hope that they will pupate soon and the rocket plant will bounce back from this ordeal. I would also like to see the chrysalides, and maybe even the emergence of butterflies.

Cabbage whites have cool-looking eyes; here is one I photographed earlier.


Rara Avis said...

No follow up? Where are the butterflies? Did the rocket plant make it? Tchah, what are these cliffhangers.

Sroyon said...

They just disappeared one day (or more likely, pupated where I couldn't find them). The rocket plant survived for a few more months before it succumbed to the cold.