Thursday, 30 July 2015

Dying Factory Owners

An Indian Supreme Court case involving water pollution caused by dyeing factories is often (mistakenly) cited in other judgments as "Tirupur Dying Factory Owners Association".

For me the typo always conjures up images of aged factory-owners, some on saline drips or life support systems, gathering weekly to talk about succession plans, business prospects, and their own approaching mortality.

Then I wonder, how close to death does a factory-owner need to be, in order to join this association? Which in turn reminds me of a scene from the movie Whatever Works:

Boris: I'm dying! I-I'm dying!
Jessica: Should I call an ambulance?
Boris: No, not now! No, not tonight, I mean eventually!


Anonymous said...

Why no updates.

Sroyon said...

Sorry. There should be one today.

Sroyon said...

2 days late! But I will hopefully be more regular from now on. :)