Saturday, 16 May 2015

Impeccable Lettering

Sometime back Priyanka asked me to send her "something with impeccable lettering".

By rights, such a request coming from a professional illustrator, wont to taking artsy portraits and painting fancy murals, should have rendered me paralysed with performance anxiety. But I reminded myself that I know her since when she was doodling about high school exams, and her own artistic output was all too peccable.

Thus emboldened, I produced a series of 99 3"×3" cards which can be arranged to form words and phrases of your choice – or, if you prefer, simply laid out in alphabetical rows.


Priyanka said...

Grahhhhk how have I not seen this post before?

I still haven't put your letters to use because I need to find something earth-shatteringly amazing to do with them and in the meantime I am scared of getting them dirty so they're in a quite-safe-but-still-accessible part of my desk, and I fish them out from time to time to show them off to people, and overall I think my mother would be very proud of me for this behaviour. D:

Sroyon said...

See? This is why you need an email subscription! :D

And yes, this is amazingly adult behaviour on your part :O