Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Seasons 3: Isle of Dogs, London

Move your cursor over the image below, and it should change to another image of the same scene in a different season. (If it doesn't work, check that your browser has JavaScript enabled.)

Base photo:30 May 2014
Mouseover photo:3 December 2014
Approx. coordinates:51.49°N, 0.01°W

The boundary fence of our housing development is fringed with what I suspect is meadowsweet. The flowers are fluffy white in summer, but now that it's winter, they are dry and black.


The Reluctant Rebel said...

Where did the bus go?

Sroyon said...

I'm guessing Mile End if it was a D7, Old Street if it was a 135.

Meenakshi said...

How do you get the exact same position in this series? The effect is super, I love it.

Sroyon said...

Combination of patience, trial and error, and cropping. :)