Saturday, 15 September 2012


Since I have posted photos of my bookshelf, my kitchen-shelf (which is equally, if not more important) should not go unrecognised.

From left to right, these are: water (labelled in a purely ironic sense), chili powder, turmeric, sugar, semolina, sesame, garam masala, coriander powder, pepper, cumin and (below that) cumin powder. There are others which I did not include in the photo.

When we finish, say, a jar of coffee, I clean it, remove the labels, stick on a handwritten label and use it to store spices. There are basically no downsides to this practice: aside from aesthetic considerations and the benefits of recycling, it also reminds me of an xkcd comic.

I get interesting reactions from visitors who look in our spice cupboard. Aditi visited shortly after mine and Saha’s parents, and opened the cupboard and said, “Wow. Who did this? Or rather, whose mom did this?”


Pratiti said...

I am going to go spice-shopping soon, and I had no idea what people need for a decent range in Indian cooking and am now going to use this as my blueprint. But I need posto too. Why do you not have that? You never eat posto??

Besides, did you know, garam masala isn't really gorom moshla! :( It's something much stronger and something I absolutely did not want in my jhol last week.

Sroyon said...

I think posto is illegal in most Western countries. But the garam masala I get here is the same as what we get in India.