Sunday, 31 October 2010

Abira Out Of Context

Abira often comes down from Bristol to spend the weekend in London, and I like it when she’s here. Among other things, she makes these odd comments which illustrate the pleasantly random nature of our lives.

This weekend:
Let’s keep it. Who knows when we might need an eye-drop?

Last weekend:
Abira (on the phone): *laughing*
Sarbajeet (on the other end): What happened?
Abira: Strawberries and a book went flying.

Two weekends ago:
(Peering into corners of the kitchen of a house she has stayed in for over six months): My God, there are, like, tube-lights everywhere!

Three weekends ago:
In fact, now that I think about it, my phone looks strangely like a bidet.


Indecision Personified said...

Ho Ho.. :)

Pratiti said...

:D I am very pleased with your blog. Brightening up just when things need brightening up.
I should go over to your place sometime after tests on a weekend and then we should chat with those amazing horns and things Sujaan's video-chatting software has.

Ravis said...

Hoorns and things?

Ravis said...

And I love it too, of course. But that goes without saying, sice you updated "just for me". :-P

Kroswami said...

if i repeat the title a few times, it actually sounds like "a beer outta context"
which sounds like a drink with an identity crisis.

Rick said...

This is inspirational stuff.

@ Mister kroswami- That is cool. :D