Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Agenda: Doughnuts

Two trainees from the Capital Markets group in our firm traditionally volunteer as “Doughnut Boy/Girl”. Their role is to pick up and distribute doughnuts and other snacks to everyone in the Capital Markets group (i.e. the 24th and 25th floors) on every second Friday.

Today I got a Microsoft Outlook meeting invitation from the other doughnut volunteer (Date: Friday 17 September, Venue: Waitrose). With it she had sent a note saying, “Sorry for being a geek, but if it’s not in my calendar I won’t remember!”

How I love lawyers. :)


sow said...

so says the dm5 geek. :)

Pratiti said...

Sujaan bolchhilo eta ki kono dhoroner, er, punishment that you're trying to make out to be cool?