Monday, 17 May 2010

A Grave Concern

But first, something that is not concerning in the least: The World According to Sroyon now has a CQA page. There is a link in the sidebar, just above the dice. Suggestions for additional questions are welcome!

And now we come to the Main Point. It’s like this. The batch that will pass out of our school this year is the last batch of students who were at high school with me. Myshkin is four years younger to me, so there are still plenty of students currently in our school, who were at high school with him. Which means that after the class of 2010 graduates, school will mostly be populated by students who believe that Myshkin was a bigger legend than me. This is concerning on several levels.


Suhrith said...

I can assure you this is only to be loved, a lot more than you already do.

Vikrant said...

How about:
Who is this Senjuti person you keep blogging about?

ಕವನ said...

Good CQA. I shall comment when I can, though from college it is harder- the new proxy hasn't been tweaked to allow comments on blogger posts :(
Working on it though.

You do have another 3 years of legendhood in NUJS to enjoy :)

Pratiti said...

I love this blog again. Maney, I did all along, just re-realized it after reading the CQA page. And don't worry, the one-act play has renewed your legendhood in school. :) People have been running up to me all through last week and saying "We really liked Sroyonda/working with Sroyonda/ Sroyonda's direction/ other stuff along these lines".
What is wrong with me! I think I've been able to dissociate this blog from your person to some extent, because I haven't been seeing so much of you lately, and this is why I'm so imprudently making long and gushing comments on every post.
God help me when we meet again.

Karthy said...

Ah the follies of a person who spent all their life in one school. Me...I have people telling me cool stuff about me all the time and I am wondering all the time 1) i did that? and 2) who is this person? why only today on that annoying facebook chat thing I was told that the reason someone called abhinav passes Hindi 2 paper in 10th is because I showed him my paper...I do not however remember this singular moment which holds such momentous importance to him. I'm rambling again.

anyways, as Kavana said you still have three years of glory at nujs left...not that you need any more positive reinforcement.

CQA is pretty good...sadly I am yet to come across a word after that one time oh so long ago.

Priyanka said...

I'm surprised you used a word as mild as "concerning".

sreejita said...

dont forget Manjushree Chandrasekher still says"my relation with sujaan'dates back' to the time of sroyon".....the school experienced the Sroyon Era...and why will people think like this??after this play you have become very famous among the kids...there are many who asked"oita sroyon da na?""oi na ebare one act play direct koreche?"I think it will take time for Myshkin to become a "legend"

The Orange Cat said...

I love you already. Your stature will be intact as long as boredom exists.
Or last-period inorganic chemistry. Same thing.

Sroyon said...

@Suhrith: Hey, I just realized you're posting regularly again!

@Vikrant: Since you've suggested the question, why don't you suggest an appropriate answer as well?

@ಕವನ: I wasn't really a legend at NUJS, ever. School was a different story. Sigh.

@Pratiti: It's what you do while you're in school. Doing stuff as an ex-student shouldn't count.

@Karthy: Maybe you should comment more to increase your chances.

@Priyanka: The concern is not so much for my own status, but for the current generation's choice of role models.

@sreejita: That is a Quote, if ever there was one. It has disturbing similarities with sentences like "The emergence of flying dinosaurs dates back to the late Triassic period."

@Orange Cat: Thanks :)