Sunday, 11 April 2010

Maggi and Gtalk

Excerpt from an online conversation (translated into English):
Melodramatic friend: Oh. But. There is neither the lean boy. Nor the desire. There is just Maggi. All life is suffering.
Sroyon: Maggi and Gtalk: the twin consolations of the lonely adolescent.
In another age, I would be a philosopher. Disciples would hang on to my every word, my sayings and aphorisms would be compiled and memorized and debated over. Born, alas, in the present time, I am merely a moderately entertaining conversationalist on Gtalk.


senjuti. said...

There. I strike again.

Priyanka said...

I've been told about this conversation, but the Bangla version sounded more potent xD

Tommy said...

Was melodramatic friend lamenting the absence of a particular lean boy, or speaking abstractly?

ಕವನ said...

That explains the blog.

Indecision Personified said...

ofcourse.. alas!*

*Comment meant to be read aloud - with dripping sarcasm.

Shrabasti Banerjee said...

Heh heh heh. I would verily like to read the rest of this conversation.

Sroyon said...

@senjuti: No. I strike again. :)

@Priyanka: Bangla is always more potent.

@Tommy: Speaking abstractly, I think. But in an ideal world, melodramatic friend should answer that query herself.

ಕವನ: It does.

@IP: Thank you for the clarification. :-/

@Shrabasti: It would be of great instructive value. As the melodramatic friend remarked later in the conversation, I was on fire that day.

RC said...

hahahaha ... brilliant! :)