Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Of Exhilarating Experiences

The pipe which drains the urinals on the third floor has started leaking into our toilet on the second floor. At all times of the day, small groups of boys may be seen staring in fascination at the urine dripping from the ceiling, saying “Eewww!” “Gro-o-o-oss!” and emitting other expressions of delight. Also, if you pee in the third floor urinal, sprint down two flights of stairs into the second floor toilet, and stand at the correct spot, and if you have timed it just right, you will have the rare treat of having peed on your own head.

In other news, I have come round to the view that this world has few greater pleasures to offer than riding down the E.M. Bypass on a cold December night on the footboard of an empty ST-6 driven by a lunatic driver. I did it yesterday, and I may still be seen grinning foolishly from time to time.


A Couch-side View said...

Had this happened when we were still around, Saha with his 100m prowess and all that may have fancied himself to time it just right.

Rahul Saha said...

I would have probably overrun it to be honest, given my speed and all that.

Rick said...

I stumbled across your blog. Alright, i heard they were fantastic and came to check it out. Mazing stuff.