Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Internship Nostalgia

Extracts from emails sent to friends during various internships:

To Lahiri (Delhi, April 2007)

The four of us are a bit short on resources when it comes to cooking. We need to buy stuff everyday, and only now have I fully appreciated the importance of a fridge in the household. And I was my usual miserly self when I went out to hire utensils, which means that we have the bare minimum that is required to concoct dinner. Or significantly less than the bare minimum (if you go by what Kisku claims). But we improvise and get by. Kisku and I have discovered a method of toasting bread on a steel hanger which is nothing short of genius.

To Anindita (Bombay, March 2008)

Today in office, Lahiri was telling us what he had to go through to buy a ticket at VT. The demonstration involved him walking on all fours while gesticulating. At that point an associate entered our room.

To Darshana (Bombay, April 2008)

It was Lahiri (who else?) who first got into the habit of swiveling in his chair. Then Ayan picked it up, and also added one vital touch: shouting “Whee!” In a plush library high above downtown Mumbai, three interns sit in expensive chairs, reading magazines, browsing the net, chatting with each other, and sometimes working. Occasionally, they swivel in their chairs and shout “Whee!”

The title of the post may have surprised you initially. Of all things to get nostalgic about, you may well have thought, internships are the strangest.

But now you understand, don’t you? A little?


What's In A Name ? said...

how so very 'vivid' of you.

Pratiti said...


Pratiti said...

I wrote long comment. Which went god knows where. Had nothing to do with your post, anyway. Genereal praise for your blog, and how I particularly like it because you post so often.

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

apart from agreeing with pratiti, i also think you're jackdarn lucky to have such nice/amusing/generally entertaining fellow interns. especially since i've heard not-so-nice stories about interships too.

also, here is my word verification: wluwwn. sounds like someone drowning.

Indecision Personified! said...

Not only are you missing the others... i'm sure others are missing you and your 'breaks' and 'no space after paragraph ends' quirks too! :-) oye.. also pls clarify when you will be getting here.

Jayantika Ganguly said...

Ha ha...fun, hmm...?

Surya said...

i do. i think its the expereince of being with friends in a new place and often having quite a bit of time on your hands. When i look back, it seems that the time i spent interning in amarchand were my best...but for very diff reasons.

Rahul Saha said...

i'll let you guys into a secret: I'm no longer interning but I still pretty much live like that. By choice mostly. Though i do miss my friends. I'll never leave college, really.

Sroyon said...

@WiaN: Huh? Sorry, didn't quite get what you mean. Anyone care to explain?
*looks around*

@pratiti: Yes, and the more frequently I post, the more the quality suffers.

@doubletake: I'm sure those among the nice/amusing/generally entertaining fellow interns who read my blog are duly flattered.

@indecision: Hmm, I'm not so sure. During the summer internship, when I shifted from the secluded 6th floor library to the 5th floor, Annie or someone told me that that the amount of work they got done had halved after I moved in with them.

@jayantika: Why? Would you disagree?

@surya: Oh, I wouldn't go so far as to say that, but yes, they definitely are a lot of fun.

@saha: Your words are heartening indeed.