Monday, 15 September 2008

My Hobby

I don’t know if you’ll be affected the same way, but in my experience, if you read the xkcd “My Hobby” series (my favourite ones are this, this and this), after a while you start noticing some quirky little hobbies of your own. I’ve therefore decided to start my own “My Hobby” series.

There's no autocorrect entry for 'law' :(

This is method #43 of entertaining yourself while writing research papers.


Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

yeah, the one on photoshopping is a gem :D

Shrabasti Banerjee said...

Lol :D

Indecision Personified! said...

Ha ha ha.... the one about grad students is really funny.... I wonder what the timer now reads on Upendra Baxi's students!!!!! :-) Or is this more like the abstractisation of the contextualised whole? :D

Abhiroop said...

Or maybe the hyper-narrative of the subaltern counter-power, manifest contiguously in a meta-normative discursive consciousness that neither decries nor dethrones the broader perceptional premises of the dominant????

Phenomenal Thinker said...

I LOVE the fact that you are back to blogging. (and as i typed it, I typed "teh")

Sroyon said...

@doubletake: Hmm, I wonder why you don't like the one on literary criticism.

@shrabasti: Yeah, that was kind of the reaction I was aiming for.

@indecision: If Randall Munroe read Baxi, socio would go in the last box for sure.

@lahiri: You're GOOD!

@senjuti: Thanks. You never know how many readers you really had until you delete your blog. I'd recommend it to everyone :)

Phenomenal Thinker said...

Sroyon, I'd appreciate if you stick to my "screen-name" 8-) There is a reason why I dont use my registered name. :D

Anyway, getting back to the point, I have always been a silent reader cum patron of your work, however whn I noticed the flood of "Incase you hadn't noticed I have retrieved my blog. I had deleted it, wherein comes the point of retrieving it" comments on all blog site si visit, I thot, the lil sroyon would like the acknowledgement of my appreciation.