Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Three Reasons for not Having a Blog

There are three very good reasons I can think of for not starting a blog:
1. It seems presumptuous to imagine that people will be the least bit interested in what I insignificant thing did and what stupid thing I thought.
2. There is a distinct possibility that I will lose interest in the blog and abandon it a few months down the line.
3. I think that if I ever write anything that’s meaningful or good, it is the private entries in my diaries and notebooks, written for my eyes only. The moment I write for public consumption, I try to sound funny, or intelligent, or erudite. I try to be something I’m not. In a word, I mess up.

Against that, there was just one reason why I did start a blog.

Excerpt from gtalk conversation with my esteemed friend Rahul Saha (31 March 2008):
Saha: ok..ppl are asking me if u have a blog...if not it is requested by many u start one and blog the FARTS especially
me: very nice! who are these admirers? :D
Saha: visa bala and me that i know of...but ther are others i am sure...ur farts are universally acknowledged as the smelliest arnd
me: hehe. thing is, i'm rather protective of what i write. i know it's silly, but i don't start a blog because i feel it might be ignored by people
Saha: fat chance...just put it up and judge for urself
me: and i probably wouldn't really get much of a positive return if the blog was read by diff people, while it'd be depressing to be simply ignored
Saha: stop this utilitarian bullshit
me: okay, lemme think it over
Saha: i leave it to u...any free dinners yet?
And we moved on to other topics. I have always been a sucker for flattery.

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Anonymous said...

Rahul Saha said...
Hehe. Me also sucker for flattery.Good to know that I can influence you idiots. You, flatter, therefore I comment. Looking forward to posts.

Sujaan said...
Hmm, porey bhal-laglo. You didn't tell me dinner the non-free dinner was eaten under such circs. Sounds good fun!

Pratiti said...
There. I've read almost all of your posts at one go. And of course your blog stands no chance of being ignored! Its the best I've read so far!Really. And thats because you come across as completely honest and not trying to sound funny or intelligent or anything, like most of the others I've read(including the really nice ones).But I can completely identify with feeling stupid when writing for other people.Never in my life have I been able to produce anything for public consumption that did not completely misrepresent me! *sigh* I'll grow out of it, I hope.