Monday, June 13, 2011

11 Nights

While 11 does not quite have the zing of 1001, it is at least of the form 10n+1.

Saha once did a (discontinued) series called The Craziest Places I Have Slept In. Some day, I will do a similar series of posts myself. But meanwhile:

None of the places where I spent the last 11 nights were particularly crazy, but each is interesting in its own way.

1.An economy-class seat on a Boeing 767-300 (Tokyo-Bangkok and 9 days later, Bangkok-Tokyo): 2 nights
2.Friend’s room (Singapore): 1 night
3.Friend’s couch (Singapore): 1 night
4.Friend’s flat, futon on window-ledge (Hong Kong): 3 nights
5.New Road Guest House (Bangkok): 1 night
6.The Peninsula (Bangkok): 2 nights
7.My flat (Tokyo): 1 night

[1] was not cool. I sleep soundly on all moving vehicles, except airplanes. On my flight back to Tokyo, I got an inkling why. We ran into some turbulence over the East China Sea, and oddly enough, I slept well while it lasted. Planes are too smooth; to really sleep well I need the sensation of motion.

[2] and [3] are actually in the same flat. My friend was away for a day, so I commandeered his room. Then he came back and I was relegated to the couch.

Even aside from the innate coolness of a futon on a window-ledge, [4] was incredibly nice. The flat is on the 22nd floor. When I woke up, I could see skyscrapers and mountains. Or, if I was facing the other way, a slightly messy living room.

[5] and [6] are an interesting contrast. Our firm had an event in Bangkok, and they booked [6] for 2 nights. I wanted to spend an extra day in the city, so I made my own arrangements. [5] and [6] are only a few hundred metres apart, but the difference in room rates is many thousand baht. New Road Guest House’s page on hostelworld says:

We have listened to our customers and are beginning an integrated pest management program. Bed bugs be gone!

At the Peninsula, bed bugs are not an issue.


beej said...

all of them have one thing in common: they scream out that you're unnaturally neat!

Sroyon said...

Haha that reminds me of what Nitya Priya said about my hostel room.

Spin said...

Even your room in Tokyo looks like a hotel room. I'm envying you SO much rightaboutnow.

Shrabasti Banerjee said...

"While 11 does not quite have the zing of 1001, it is at least of the form 10n+1."

Damn. :P

I think 4 is my favourite. Also, I agree with beej.