Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Music, Food and Drink

My friend Saha once made a list of ten things he likes about London. As may be expected, the list was misguided and pretentious, and my own list – if I were to make one – would look completely different. Except for one item: Buskers on the Underground, which featured at no. 8.

At peak hour at Bank station, with hundreds of lawyers and bankers hurrying past, Simon and Garfunkel assume a special significance: Slow down, you move too fast / Got to make the moment last...

* * *

An eatery in Central London claims to have invented this snack which they call a ‘shwrap’, but which is basically unsliced Mazikushi. The packaging says:
Eating shwrap promotes peace and harmony, increases brain size and makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.*
*Or same sex – clever shwrap can determine orientation.
As if being blamed for tsunamis was not bad enough, gay people are also getting a limited choice of shwrap.

* * *

On Friday evening after work I had this conversation with my friend.

Me: I had a tough day at work. I came home and decided to drown my sorrows in drink.
Friend: What did you do?
Me: I ate a liqueur chocolate.
Friend: Nice. Manly thing to do.


Priyanka said...

Thank God for the apparent kidnapping of the 12-year-old Swede! Thank God for Tsunamis and 20,000 dead Swedes! Pretty one-track, these guys.

Rahul Saha said...

I love Simon and Garfunkel, especially "feeling groovy" - everyone needs to slow down.

Penny said...

I don't like to eat chocolate but i love a chocolate flavored drink that i can make right at home with my keurig coffee maker b70.