Sunday, July 25, 2010

Condescending Software

FileZilla, the FTP client which I use, is configured to close the connection if no data is sent or received for more than 20 seconds. After two retries at 5-second intervals, it gives up.

I was uploading some files today and then I got distracted by something else on the internet. In the meantime, FileZilla timed out and gave me a rather cool message.

For the record, I type at 82 wpm.

Edit: Tommy has informed me that the message is in fact generated by the FTP server (i.e. only passed on by FileZilla).


Karthy said...

hahahahah...and you call me slow! FileZilla thinks otherwise!

Shrabasti Banerjee said...

ROFL, I love the title :D Ah and you have three new posts? *runs off to read*

Ravis said...

Why don't you post more often in the pretest season? As a mark of social service, at least?

Sroyon said...

@Karthy: You would probably send FileZilla into a coma.

@Shrabasti: This is why you should check back every hour.

@Ravis: Ok, I'll try.

Anonymous said...

No, Takai, don't. I do that. And I get impatient. Which is stupid of me, karon Sroyon isn't a son of god after all. It's unreasonable to look to hom for salvation all the time.

Anonymous said...