Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Law Firms and Language

Apologies to my readers (if any remain) for the unusually long interval between posts. The last two weeks were pretty crazy, work-wise, but I’m learning to fit more into my day, so things are looking up. To make up for radio silence, I bring you not one but two posts, clubbed together as a single post on the basis that they both qualify for the labels Law Firms and Language.

* * *

My friend Sarbajeet works in a building just around the corner, and we often exchange emails in the course of the day. The emails are about trivial everyday things – forwarding discount coupons or making lunch plans. As such, they are typically quite short.

But we both work at law firms and we send these mails from our work IDs. I found it quite amusing that, on an email exchange which goes something like:

–Dinner at home?
–Think so.
the legal disclaimers and confidentiality notices tacked onto the emails by our two firms run to a combined total of 2437 characters.

* * *

On one of the transactions that I am currently working on, we exchange a flurry of emails with our clients everyday around noon, just as I am beginning to feel hungry. If this goes on, one of these days I’m afraid I’ll slip up and address an email to Merrill Lunch.


Tommy said...

So, are you still in debt?

Anonymous said...

it will be interesting to see how often you post now. best,

Sroyon said...

@Tommy: *long-suffering sigh* Yes.

@Anonymous: Indeed it will. And if I do post less frequently than before (which I don't intend to), it will also be interesting to see how many readers remain faithful.

Anonymous said...

you can count on me.

Anonymous said...

And me.