Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Hobby - 3

The female race should never have been let in on the Special Effects Brushes option in Photoshop.


Revolver said...

Since when did you start using asterisks in gtalk to indicate actions? I distinctly remember a conversation where you said that the bracket was far superior to the asterisk in serving this purpose.

Sroyon said...

When did I ever imply that I use Gtalk conventions in Gtalk?

Rover said...

Well played @above conversation

This fad actually caught on in our group about an year ago. I thought we were the only ones.

NT linked me here. Nice comics :D
Way funnier than any stick comics I've seen.

Sroyon said...

Which conversation do you refer to - the one on the comic or the on the comment thread?
And thanks. :) To you for your compliment and to NT for linking me. Speaking of which, who is this NT of whom you speak?

Alok said...

colon D